Toast and butter

Two friends met after many years at a hill resort. Coincidently both had come with their wives to spend their honey moon, After catching up with their childhood days and lot of back slapping, they decided to let each other know how many times each one did that night, but the problem was how to comunicate.

It was thus decided that during breakfast the next day, the no of times one did would apply butter that many times on the toast. So the next morning when they met at the breakfast table along with their wives.

The first friend picked up a toast and applied butter, one time, two times three times, four times After that he kept the knife back and looked at his friend across the table.

The Second friend picked up the toast and started applying the butter Once, twice,thrice, four times, fivetimes, then he looked at his friend,and then turned the Toast over and started applying the butter ,once,twice,thrice……..

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