Top 11 cool gadgets used by 007 (James Bond)

Condom that doubles as a self-inflating hot-air balloon (with reservoir tip)
The Cartman – an anal probe that facilitates otherwise impossible ski moves
Palm Pilot to distract bad guys with that hilarious Top 5 List
Condom coated with truth serum
Can of whoop-ass disguised as a Diet Coke
Miniature caulking gun for holes in the plot
Giant foam hand that says British Secret Service #1!
Viagra Martini: for when hes shaken, not stirred
Really grippy pliers
Cool British sports car that — get this — actually *runs*!

and Topfive.coms Number 1 Cool New Gadget Used by James Bond…

Whatever it is, I bet a cheap plastic replica of it will fit in a Happy Meal.

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