Twists of fate (from The Independent (UK))

Gerard Hommel was a French mountaineer. A good one. He had gone up and down Everest six times before he met his fate. And its his death for which well remember him best. He died after falling off a stepladder while changing a kitchen light bulb.

Marta Espina had got through 75 years of blameless life in Buenos Aires, never putting herself in the way of trouble, when a poodle fell from a 13th floor balcony and landed on her head. When the crowd which gathered to gawp grew too large, a spectator who stepped into the road to get a better view was killed by a passing bus.

Lupe Velez was a second-string film star and former wife of Johnny Weissmuller who went for the glam suicide option. Candles, purple sheets, the lot. However, the overdose she took disagreed violently with her stomache and she rushed to the toilet/bathroom to disgorge. There she tripped, knocked herself out, and was found the next day face-down in the porcelain bowl

This theme reminds me of the recent deaths in Egypt(?) where several people drowned when trying to rescue a chicken from a (deep) well. One person tried to get the chicken, got info difficulties, another attempted to assist… etc. The chicken survived and was eventually brought out unhurt.

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