What is an Optimist


a doctor who advises a mother of five active youngsters to relax
a guy who thinks the woman in the phone booth will be out in a moment when he hears her saying good-bye
the guy who believes that the E on the cars gas gauge means enough
the person who is hired to write the text of a companys prospectus
an individual who always proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds (a pessimist fears this is true)
a citizen who votes for a congressman because he promised to lower taxes by eliminating government waste
a person who waits for his ship to come in even if he has never launched one
a person who realizes each morning that someday this will be one of the good old days
the woman who really believes that the man she is about to marry is better than the one she just divorced
a philosopher (with the news these days) who realizes that it takes a great deal of optimism to be a pessimist
a person who goes on a fishing trip with a camera and a frying pan
a ninety-year old newlywed who buys a home near a school
a guy who watches the eight, ten, and eleven oclock news hoping things will get better
a man who spends his last dollar on a new wallet

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