Who says nothing interesting ever takes place in these hallowed halls?

Exerpted from the book Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest: True News of the Worlds Least Competent People,(c) 1996 by John J Kohut and Roland Sweet

Women legislators joined the fray at a June 1994 session of Taiwans National Assembly, screaming, trading slaps and kicks, and pulling each others hair.

The violence began when two members of the ruling Nationalist Party poked fun at opposition lawmaker Su Chih-yang after her underwear showed when she sat down.

Nationalist lawmaker Kuo Su-chun berated Su, saying As a woman you should also review your own behavior.

Accusing Kuo of insinuating that she sat immodestly, Su walked to the podium and slapped her. Four other women joined the fracas, and a fifth collapsed from high blood pressure when she tried to stop it.

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