Xmas top ten things overheard in Santas workshop

Things Overheard in Santas Workshop

As presented on the 12/04/96 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN

  1. Whose tiny fingers are these in the table saw?
  2. The Keebler Elves? Yeah, making cookies … theres a tough gig
  3. Hey, Santa, its Anna Nicole Smith on the phone for you
  4. You know Rudolphs naturally red nose? Collagen injection
  5. Uh-oh — looks like fat boy drank his lunch again
  6. Shut down the assembly line for the Central Park West action figures
  7. Which gifts should we plant at O.J.s house?
  8. Whew! Mia Farrow sure has a lot of kids!
  9. Someday Im gonna make it outta here, just like Ross Perot did
  10. It may be jiggling like a bowl of jelly, but it aint his tummy

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