Yoda grammar

Heres an original (to my best knowledge) by Donald Simmons that was
posted to a kind of strange thread on ncsu.general…

[Note – posted with Andy Simmons permission. My thanks to him – ed.]

From: dasimmon@unity.ncsu.edu (Donald Andrew Simmons)
Subject: Re: Yoda Grammar

In article <4l01ke$ivr@taco.cc.ncsu.edu>,
Ravi K. Swamy <rkswamy@unity.ncsu.edu> wrote:
>>Ever wonder if there are others of Yodas race, and if they speak the
>>same way?
>Oh, the horror.

Imagine the yoda-men in the office, around the water cooler.

Yoda 1: Hello, Bill.
Yoda 2: Morning, Hank.
Yoda 1: Finish that proposal, you did?
Yoda 2: Yes, finally. Quite a chore, it was.
Yoda 1: That Henderson, he is a slave driver, eh?
Yoda 2: Yes. To kick his ass Id like. There is no try, only do.
Asshole he is.

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