2 hippos in the river

Two hippos are sitting in the middle of a river in Africa. I dont know where, just one of those rivers that you see hippos lolling around in. And, is it hot? Im telling you, you could die from the heat. Its like 150 degrees and not a breath of breeze.

Theres nothing moving except the slowly flowing river and maybe a fly or two buzzing around the hippos. The only parts of the hippos showing are their little ears sticking out of the water and their little bulgy eyes and their nostrils and theyre just sitting there, side by side, hour after hour.

Every once in a while a fly lands on one of their ears and they wiggle the ear and it flies around and lands again. Nothing stirs. Hour after hour they sit.

All of a sudden one of this hippos raises its big head out of the water and slowly shakes it. The other hippo then raises his big head out of the water and says, What?.

And the first hippo says, I dont know Clyde, all day long I cant get it through my head that todays Tuesday…

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