3 people in a hot desert

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The Scene: Three people walking across the desert; an American, a Mexican, and a Winkie. (Substitute your favorite nationality/sub-culture known for its stupidity in place of Winkie.)

After they had been walking for a while, the Mexican and the Winkie notice that the American is carrying a glass of water. They asky why, and the American replies: Well, when it gets real hot, I can drink this glass of water to cool off.

Then he drinks it.

The American and the Winkie notice that the Mexican is carrying a Sombrero. The Winkie asks him why hes carrying the hat, and the Mexican replies: Well, when it gets real hot like now, I can put my hat on to be in the shade.

Then he puts it on.

The American and the Mexican notice that the Winkie has been lugging a car door through the desert. Neither of them can understand this, so they ask him why. The Winkie smiles and replies: Well, its just like you two are doing. When I get hot, I can just roll down the window.

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