5 steps to peeing

Because his son wasnt the brightest kid in the world, old Hillbilly Joe took him to the outhouse one day to teach him how to urinate properly. Now you lissen good, Danl, cuz heres whatcha gotta do.

One: Take out your penie-pipe.

Two: Pull back the foreskin.

Three: Pee.

Four: Push back your foreskin.

Five: Put your equipment back.

The boy said he understood, but the next day while he was working at his still, Joes wife came running over. Oh, Joe, Joe, come quick! Danl went ta piss an wont come out of the outhouse!

Hell, whuts he doin in there? Joe said.

I dunno. He jess keeps sayin Two-four, two-four, two-four……

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