A Farmer and His Three Sons

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A farmer needed to make some quick money, so he gave a duck to each of his three sons and sent them off to the city to sell the ducks. The oldest son was quite the salesman, and he talked an old lady into paying ten dollars for his duck. The middle son was not as sharp as his older brother, but he was still able to get five dollars for his duck from a young housewife. The youngest son was rather stupid, and he also had a speech impediment. The first person he encountered in town was a prostitute, so he asked her, Would you like to buy a duck? Because he slurred his words, the prostitute misunderstood what he said. She thought he had said, Would you like to buy a f**k? Remembering how hard it was when she was just starting out, she took pity on him, and decided to take him up on the offer. She told him, Ill pay you one buck. He agreed, and attempted to give her his duck. The prostitute set the duck aside, took off the boys clothes, made love to him, and handed him a dollar bill. This was the first time the youngest son had ever had sex, and he really enjoyed it, so he asked the prostitute, Can we do that again? She responded, Well, I am a professional myself, so Im not going to pay you again. But I would be willing to do it if you paid me a dollar. So the boy handed back the dollar bill, and they had sex again. When they were done the prostitute put the boys clothes back on him, put the duck under his arm, and sent him on his way. He started to cross the street, and a bus was heading right towards him. The driver honked the horn and slammed on the brakes. The boy dropped the duck and jumped out of the way just in time. As the bus skidded to a stop, it ran over the duck. The bus driver got out to make sure the boy was alright. Are you okay, son? he asked the boy. The youngest son replied, Im fine, but you ran over my duck, and its ruined. My father is going to be really mad at me, because I was supposed to sell it

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