A father one day notices

A father one day notices that his son is coming of age. He decides to take his son into town to learn the facts of life from a skilled women. They ride into town from the Australian outback and tie up at the local cathouse.The father sends his son upstairs. When the son is alone with the lady, she takes off her skirt. The son picks up a chair and thows it out the window. The lady thinks this is a bit odd, but she takes off her shirt. The son throws a lamp out the window. The woman removes her bra, the son tosses the table. Finally, the women removes her shorts; the son tosses the bed out the window.The lady can no longer contain her curiosity; she exclaims, What in the heck are you doing?!The son explains, Well, if this is anything like kangaroos, were going to need an awful lot of room!

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