Bill Gates

Bill gates dies and finds himself in pergatory, snacked up by God. God said Im letten you chose where you want to go. Bill says Whats the differance? God said,Ill allow you a short visit at each to make up your mind. The reply was lets see hell first. Hell was full of sandy beaches with beutiful women running aroud ang playing in the water. Bill said,If this is hell, I want to see heaven! So God took him to heaven. It was nice with all the angels floating around playing beautiful music. But, not as exciting as hell. So Bill said, Heavens nice and all, but I want to go to hell. So Bill went to hell. A few weeks later, God decided to check on Bill. He found Bill in a dark cave being tortured by deamons. God asked, So, how ya doin Bill? In a sad voice he said, This is not what I expected. What happened to all of the beautiful women on the beaches?

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