A Hole in One

A rabbi loved to play golf, but he never seemed to have time. He couldnt play on Shabbat, there was religious school on Sundays, and on days off, something always comes up. But, amidst all the activity of the High Holidays, he got a very early tee time before services on Yom Kippur.A passing angel saw him and reported to the Lord. Ill take care of him, was the casual response, and the angel hurried back to the golf course to watch.On the next hole, the rabbi got a hole in one.Baffled, the angel returned to question the Lord. Werent you going to punish him for playing golf on Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar? the angel asked. He just got a hole in one!I know, replied the Lord. But who can he tell?

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