A Hunting We Will Go

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A guy is getting ready to hunt when his wife asks if she can go

No way. We would be getting up early and you never know what the weather is like. I just dont think you could handle it.

Please, his wife begs, you never do anything with me.

Fine, he sats, Ill see you in the morning.

The next morning the guy wakes his wife. its four in the morning. she complains.

Thats what time we go, he says, now move it.

The wife gets out of bed and sees snow all over the ground and refuses to go.

Fine, says the husband, for making me pack double the gear and being a bitch you better suck my dick or let me fuck you in the ass.

The women abruply gets on her knees. A few seconds later she pulls her head away.

oh, your dick taste like shit.

I know, says the husband, the dog didnt want to go either.

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