A Learning Experience

Miss Ashley was new to teaching at the junior high school and decided to test the general knowledge of her new class.

Who can tell me who brought down the walls of Jericho?, she asked.

Wasnt me, Miss!, came a swift reply from the front row.

Somewhat taken aback that no-one knew the answer, she reported what had happened in the staff room at break.

A fellow teacher asked, The fellow who answered, was he the little one with red hair and glasses in the front?

Yes, she replied.

Well, said the other teacher, I know him, and if he said that he didnt do it, then he didnt!!

Now Miss Ashley was quite upset. She decided to go to the Principal. She told him what had happened, and the reaction of the other teacher who should have known better.

The Principal looked at her for a moment, then he said, Look, Miss Ashley. You are new around here. There is no point in making trouble. Write me up an invoice for the damage to the walls, and Ill submit it to the insurance company on Monday.

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