A Polish Mans Lunch

There were three construction workers who ate lunch together everyday at the top of the building they were working on. One was Italian, another was German, and the third was Polish. One day they were all grumpy and complaining about their lunches. The Italian guy says, If I get stromboli one more time, Im gonna jump off the building!

The German guy says, And if I get bratwurst one more time, Ill jump off the building, too!

The Polish guy says, Yeah, me too, Im sick of kilbasa! Ill jump, too!

The next day, the Italian guy says, Oh, thank God, I got pizza!

The German guy says, Hurray! I got schnitzel!

And the Polish guy says, Damn, I got kilbasa again! Im jumping! And sure enough, he jumps off and dies.

The two others have to call his wife and give her the grim news that hes committed suicide. Crying, she says, Thats strange, he was so happy when he left this morning…He had made his own lunch!

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