A Priest, Doctor and Engineer

There are three fellas golfing together, a priest, a doctor and an engineer. Although they are having a great game, a group of three men in front of them are taking forever and holding up thier game. When they finally get back to the club house they decide to complain to the owner. They say,Hey, we love golfing at your club but there were three guys ahead of us that were just taking forever – Oh, you mean the the three blind fireman. The owner interupted. Well whoever they were they were taking too long! the three golfers replied. The owner replied,Those three blind firemen can take as long as they want. They saved this club from burning down! The preist then said, Wow, thats fantastic, Ill keep them in my prayers! The doctor replied, Hey, thats a great story. Ive got a friend whos an optometrist, Ill see what he can do for them! The engineer looks at them and asks,Well why cant they golf at night?

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