A sort of Christmas carol

A Sort Of Christmas Carol

(To the tune of Silver Bells)

Jingle bell, its not so swell when you cant afford a gift.
Shopping malls are hollow halls, Im shopping at the Thrift.

See the pawnshops, hear the teeth crunch, in nightmarish anxiety.
In the air theres a feeling of hopelessness.

Checks were cashing, then were dashing, off to spend, its so obscene.
Hoping for more overtime.

Jingle Bell, what is that smell, oh, its Hillarys toe.
Ringaling, is a circus thing, and were all part of the show.

People bitching, salesman pitching, theres no reason to smile.
For this I parked and had to walk a mile.

Dodge shopping carts at Wal-Marts, filled with Japanese trash.
In the Express Line price-checks and no cash.

Jingle Bell, can go to hell, Do not give to the poor.
For if you do, soon youll need it too, and there wont be anymore.

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