A Young Marine and visitng General

A young man who had just recently joined the Marines had lost his rifle on the day before a big inspection by a visiting general. However, being very adept at woodcarving, he set about making a replacement. The paint had just dried when it was time for the inspection. He prayed that his fake would not be inspected too closely.

When his platoon was told to fire in unison, he made all the right motions and figured no one would notice, but the visiting general happened to be looking right at him and saw that no smoke came from the gun.

The general came over and said, Soldier, you didnt fire your gun. This is an official inspection. You were to fire the gun and then dismantle it for my personal inspection.

The young man was horror stricken but only for a moment and then he replied, Sir, today is the anniversary of the day that my father died. On his deathbed, he made me promise never to fire a gun on this day. I have kept that oath and I can not fire the gun.

The general was enraged. Im going to inspect that gun and then you, boy, are going to fire it. Thats an order! He reached for the gun.

The young man handed him the gun and said, I pray to the Almighty, Sir, that, for making me break my oath to my dear father, this gun be changed into wood!

Credit: Pam, The joke master.

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