Absolutely no sex if you want to join our church

On a nice, bright sunshiney day, three couples came to visit the local Priest in order to join the Catholic Church. By a strange coincidence, One couple was young, one was old and one was middle-aged.

The Priest told the couples that they could join the church only if they proved they were sincere by first abstaining from sex for one week. The couples all agreed to meet back at the church in one week.

One week later, as promised, the couples all came back and the Priest asked of the Old Couple,

Did you abstain from sex?

The old couple both shook their heads and the Priest said, Fine! Welcome to the Catholic Church!

The Priest then asked the middle-aged couple, Did you abstain from sex?. The Middle Aged woman smiled and said, It was tough, but we made it.

FINE! Welcome to the Catholic Church!

The priest then turned to the young couple and asked, Did you abstain from sex?

The young man of the couple answered, Well, Father … we did really well for about three days, but on the fourth day, *she* bent over to pick up a head of cabbage off the floor and when she did, I noticed that she had no panties on under her dress. I just couldnt help myself! I had to give it to her hard!

The Priest was shocked! WELL, I suppose you realize that I cant let you in the church., he droned.

The young man replied,You think thats bad? We cant even go NEAR Kroger anymore!

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