Al Gores List of the Top 10 good things about being Vice President

  1. Police escort gets you to the movies faster.
  2. You know that game tetherball? I played tetherball with the inventor of tetherball.
  3. After they sign a bill, theres lots of free pens.
  4. If you close your left eye, the seal on the podium reads President of the United States.
  5. I get intellectual property rights to my speeches.
  6. Dan Quayle and Gerald Ford are pretty easy to beat during Vice Presidents Week on Jeopardy.
  7. You dont have to be funny to get invited on the Letterman show.
  8. You get to eat all the french fries the president cant get to.
  9. You dont have to be a good speller to get the job.
  10. Secret Service code name Buttafuoco.

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