An American tourist had visited

An American tourist had visited all the usual sights. Hed seen the Sydney Harbor and everything else, but he wanted to see the *real* Australia. So there he found himself, on the weekly rail motor out to Thargomindah. There wasnt much to see. There was a drought on it was hot and the wind was blowing dust everywhere. He got off the train and made for the pub, sweating and cursing as he swatted in vain at the clouds of files that buzzed around him. The pubs only customer, a bloke in a blue singlet, greeted him with a Gday! The American ordered a beer. Yank eh? quizzed the Aussie. Sure am buddy, the Yank replied. Waddya think of this part of Australia, yank? the bloke asked. I think its got to be the a**hole of the world, the Yank replied. There was a five second pause as the local sucked on his smoke. Then he asked: You just passing through?

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