Animal quickies

A tomcat told a female cat, For you, I would die.

The female asked, How many times?

Then there was the young female dinosaur who became a woman. She had her first century.

A donkey had an IQ of 186. He had no friends at all though. Even in the animal kingdom, nobody likes a smart-ass.

Did yall ever wonder why mice have such small balls?

Easy – very few of them can dance at all.

A Mother mouse and her baby were walking by a cave when a bat flew out. Look Ma! said the youngster, An Angel.

You always hear that a camel can go 500 miles without water. How come nobodys ever bothered to see how far they can go WITH water.

A young teen studying sex education went to the zoo and saw her first kangaroo. As she was watching, a baby kangaroo stuck its head out of the Mothers pouch.

Just as I suspected, the girl said to herself. Caesareans do leave a nasty scar.

Youve all heard of Russian roulette and a jokes been making the rounds about African roulette. How many of you know how to play Indian roulette though? Youre given a flute and 6 large cobras, one of whom is deaf.

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