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I would like to ask a question that has bothered me ever since I heard about
nude places like beaches, parks and whatnot.

What if you are a guy and you get a hard on. Do you try and cover it up (dont
ask ME how) or does everyone just take it for granted and politely ignore it?
Or do nudists say that the problem never comes up due to self-control?

This is a common question among newcomers to nudist activities. In
practice, it is nothing to worry about. What usually happens is
something like this:

You get an erection, somebody notices, points at
you and yells, Hey, look at the hard-on on that guy or, Look at that
guy trying to hide his hard-on. Then everyone gathers around, pointing
and laughing. If you try to run away, they all follow you. People
start taking pictures. Eventually, some mesomorph/homophobe thinks he
catches you looking at his girlfriend/self and beats the hell out of
you. After this happens two or three times, you get conditioned to
always go limp when you see a naked body.

No problem.

Alan Filipski, Phoenix, Arizona

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