Armed Robbery

A bartender is getting ready to close for the night
when a robber bursts in and pulls a gun.
“This is a stickup!” He yells. “Put
all your dough in a bag!”
“Don’t shoot,” pleads the barkeep.
“I’ll do whatever you say!”
The bartender stuffs all the money into a bag and
hands it over. The crook snatches it and then puts
the gun to the bartender’s head and says, “All
right, now give me a blow job!”
“Anything!” cries the bartender. “Just
don’t shoot!”
The bartender gets on his knees and starts blowing
the guy. After a few minutes, the robber gets so excited
he drops his gun.
The bartender picks the gun up off the floor and
hands it back to the robber. “Hold the gun,
dammit,” he says. “One of my friends might
walk in!”

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