Armless man

A man walks into the bathroom and sees another guy standing at the urinal with no arms. the guy goes, man, u really gotta help me man!!! i really gotta go to the bathroom but as u can see i aint got no arms! so the other guy hesitates, looks around, and then unzips the guys fly 4 him. well, could… could you get it out for me? so the other guy sighs, looks around, and gets ready to pull it out when, he notices its all swollen and scabby and infected. with a bad look, he takes it out quickly and gets ready to leave when he asks, could– could you hold it for me? the guy gets ready to say no, but, seeing the situation, he felt sorry for the guy. so, he looks around again, and holds it. so the guy does is businuss and gets all done. so when the guy gets ready to leave again, the other guy says, well um… could u put it back in? so the guy looks around once again, hesitates and puts it back in. thanks man! thanks! he says. the guy couldnt help it, he said, man, whats the matter with it? its all red a scabby and swollen! so the armless guy sticks his arms out of his shirt and says, i dunno, dude, thats why i got you to hold it!

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