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Just read in this mornings UPI newswires (Aug 18 1993) that Judge Walter Colbath has ordered Jerry Ericksonto quit eating poppyseed bagels or hell go to prison!

It seems Jerry is on probation for kidnapping and robbery, and one day he showed up for his probation meeting and tested positive for morphine … even though he swore he never touched the stuff! His doctor concluded the drug test may have picked up small traces of morphine from his breakfast that day – a poppyseed bagel!

So Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Walter Colbath on Tuesday allowed Jerry to remain on probation rather than to return to prison because the correction officials could not prove that hed used illegal drugs, but he ofered him to stop eating poppyseed bagels as a condition of parole.

Said Jerrys attorney, Dean Wilbur, regarding his job as a criminal defense lawyer, It continues to get weirder and weirder, the longer I do this!

So, just remember to say NO to bagels!

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