Barney episodes wed like to see (but probably wont!)

  • Barney gets a boner


  • Barneys night with Madonna


  • Barney, Beavis & Butthead


  • Jurassic Barney


  • Barney talks to the authorities about missing children


  • Barney gets the lab results on those green spots


  • Barney buys a rubber


  • Barney barbeques the backyard gang


  • Picking up the dino-doo


  • Bopping baby bop


  • Barneys favorite sailor songs


  • Barney comes out of the closet


  • Barney meets Godzilla


  • Barney on a bender


  • Barney has needs…


  • Barney at Betty Ford


  • Barney admits eating all the adults


  • Barneys big purple one


  • Barney buys a blow-up doll

NOTE: No one assumes responsibility for this drivel and were not even sure where it came from (rumors are that it was left on our doorstep by a large yellow bird, who ran away shouting something about that overstuffed purple bastard!).

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