Baseball joke (about Bobby Cox and Fred McGriff)

Background: Bobby Cox is manager of the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Theyve won the National League title two in a row and have another good team this year. Theyve had some trouble scoring, so about a month ago they traded with the San Diego team for Fred McGriff who has won a couple of battling titles. It is a understatement to say that McGriff has improved Atlantas offense. Atlanta is visiting San Francisco this week to play the Division leading Gaints.

Yesterday, a SF reporter teased Bobby Cox when asking him, If a car containing your wife and Fred McGriff started toppling over a thousand foot clift, and you had the chance of saving just one of them, which would you choose?

To which Cox is said to have answered: My wife couldnt hit the side of a barn door! 🙂

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