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A man dies and goes to heaven. Saint Peter asks him what religion he belongs to. The man tells him and Saint Peter says oh, we have a lot of your kind here. In fact, we have a special room for all of you so you can all be together!

He leads the man down a long hallway with doors on either side.

They pass one door and they hear a bunch of yelling and hollering inside. Whos in that room? the man asks. Oh, those are the holy rollers, says Saint Peter. They make a lot of noise but theyre pretty harmless.

They pass by another door which is nearly shaking off its hinges. Whos in there? the man asks. Thats the room for the Shakers replies Saint Peter.

Then they approach another door. Saint Peter whispers to the man, we must be very quiet going past this door. Dont make a sound.

They tiptoe past the door and when they get farther down the hallway the man asks Saint Peter who was in that room.

Oh, those are the Catholics. They think theyre the only ones up here!

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