Bear bells

A guy walks into this sporting goods store in Alaska,
immediately spies a rather haggard-looking old salt of
a store clerk sitting by the cash register.

Hear ya got a lotta bears round here?

Yep, answers the clerk.

Big bears?


Mean bears?


Black bears?




Got any bear bells?

Whats dat?

You know, them little dingle-bells ya put
on yer backpack so bears know yer in
the perimiter sos they can runs away …

Yep. Over yonder …

Great. Ill take one fer black bears, and one fer grizzlies.
Say, howd you know if yer in black bear country anyway?

Look fer scatt.

Oh. Well, how howd you know if theres GRIZZLIES????!

Look fer scatt.

You just said that!

Yeah. But grizzly scatts different.

Well now, just whats IN grizzly scatt thats different?

Bear bells.

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