Behold I Cometh!

A young minister had just got out of the seminary, got his first church, and was preaching his first sermon. In the seminary, they had taught him that if he forgot something, just back up and repeat what he had said, and maybe it would come back to him.

He started out with a quote, Behold, I cometh….. but he couldnt remember the rest of it.

So he trys to regain his composure, backs up an starts again… Behold I cometh… but he still couldnt remember.

So he rears back and shouts again, Behold I cometh! … but this time he trips over the pulpit and falls right into the lap of a little old lady sitting the front row!

He was embarassed and started apologizing, but before he could finish the woman muttered…

It isnt your fault sonny – you told me you were coming three times… I should have moved!

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