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Heres one…

There was this priest who wanted to spread the good word in areas
where need was greatest. He thought that the best place to start was
in Africa. So off he went.

He went into a deep jungle, and found a tribe. In his haste, he
forgot that he would have to teach these people English first. So,
he selected what he thought was the smartest of the tribesmen and
began his teaching.

They went for long walks in the jungle, first the priest would point
to a rock and say, Rock. And the native would say bagwundame.
And the priest would repeat Rock, and the native would say roock.
Then priest would point and say tree, native would say tree,
and so on–Until the native had a minor understanding of English.

It was on one of these nature walks that the pair stumbled upon a
clearing, and on the other edge of the clearing was a young couple
making love.

Well, this embarrassed the priest, and as he turned to leave the
tribesman asked, What they do?

The priest, being flustered, said, UUUhhh, why, theyre uh, uh, mmm,
Fuc.. er no theyre scre…*er* mmmaking whoop… cough THEY RIDE BICYCLE!

He figured, hey, this guys never gonna see a bicycle anyway…so…

Instantly, the native whips out a blowgun and shoots both lovers dead
on the spot. The priest is outraged!

PEOPLE CAN DO!! WHY??? cried the Priest.

The native answered simply, He ride MY bicycle.

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