Sex in a boat – oar-gasms. Sex with a nerd – dork-gasms. Sex at the entrance to your house – door-gasms. Sex on carpet or linoleum – floor-gasms. Sex at the supermarket – store-gasms. Sex at a Steven King Movie – horror-gasms. Sex with a prostitute – whore-gasms. Sex with an accountant – bore-gasms. Sex while sleeping – snore-gasms. Sex with Arthur – Dudley Moore-gasms. Sex with cartoon donkeys – Eyeore-gasms. Sex while broke – poor-gasms. Sex with a lion – roar-gasms. Sex for hours and hours on end – sore-gasms. Sex on a golf course – fore-gasms. Sex with a nymphomaniac (or Ritzi) – more-gasms. Sex in a gold mine – ore-gasms. Sex with a dermatologist – pore-gasms. Sex with a politician – Al Gore-gasms. Sex with Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers – smore-gasms. Sex with a bullfighter – toreador-gasms. Sex with a masked man carrying a sword – zorro-gasms. Sex on the beach – shore-gasms. Sex at an all-you-can-eat buffet – smorgasbord-gasms. Sex on a cruise ship deck – shuffleboard-gasms. Sex in asia – Singapore-gasms. Sex among the wonders of nature – outdoor-gasms. Sex in the vicinity of a garbage can – odor-gasms. Sex on the way to the train – All Aboard-gasms. Sex that wasnt very satisfying – Theres the door-gasms. Sex in an adult theater – hard-core-gasms. Sex with someone whos not paying attention – ignore-gasms. Sex with a competitive partner – score-gasms. Sex while flying – soar-gasms. Sex with a beloved partner – adore-gasms. Sex with a meat-eater – carnivore-gasms. Sex with a person whos got a really bad hairdo – pompadore-gasms. Sex with someone whos got bad taste in clothes – velour-gasms. Sex while travelling – tour-gasms. Sex with a big dog – labrador-gasms. Sex with Beavis and Butthead – GonnaScore-gasms. Sex on stairs at the mall – escalator-gasms. Sex with three of your friends – four-gasms. Sex with a norse God – Thor-gasms. Sex when resistance is futile – Borg-gasms.

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