Blonde Buys a TV

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A blonde goes into an appliance store looking for a TV. After a few minutes, she picks one out and approaches the salesman. I want to buy this television, she says.

The salesman replies, Sorry, we dont serve blondes here. She gets mad, leaves and goes home.

She dyes her hair brown and returns to the store. I want to buy this television. she says to the salesman, getting the same response; Sorry miss, we dont serve blondes here. She leaves again, frustrated.

She goes home and proceeds to shave her head, eyebrows and all, leaving no visible trace of blonde hair on her head. Upon returning to the store, she once again approaches the salesman. Sir, I would like to purchase this television, and I dont want any problems. To which the salesman

replies, Sorry Miss, we dont serve blondes. Fed up with this, she cries, How can you tell that I am blonde? I have dyed my hair and even resorted to shaving my head! To which the salesman replied, Well, Miss, that television you are trying to buy is a microwave!

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