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Four guys are drinking in a bar, bragging about their sons.

My son, the first one says, started out washing cars at dealership, but now owns the dealership and just gave one of his friends four new cars of his choice!

My son, said the second, started out serving lunch in a real estate office, but now owns the real estate office and just gave one of his friends a new mansion!

My son, said the third, started out sweeping the floors at the Stock Exchange, but now practically owns the Stock Exchange and just gave one of his friends a $1,000,000 in stock.

Well, the fourth guy said, my sons turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Hes a gay hairdresser and he has SEVERAL boyfriends. On the plus side, between them, they gave him four cars, a mansion, and a million dollars in stock for his birthday.

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