Bumpy Stickers!

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Clinton doesnt inhale, he sucks USE CAUTION! 90% of people are made by accident. Its a dog eat dog world… and Im wearing milkbone underwear!!! I break for hallucinations My Lawyer Can Beat Your Lawyer Blondes Are Not Dumb (the bumper sticker was upside-down) DADDY FARTED AND WE CANT GET OUT!!! IF YOU DONT LIKE MY DRIVING, STAY OFF THE SIDEWALK!!! Nuck Fewt ORGASM DONOR My child made Student of the Month at Juvenile Hall No radio. Already stolen. Want a taste of religion? Bite a minister. So many pedestrians, so little time. My other wife is beautiful. I need someone really bad. Are you really bad? Dont laugh. Your daughter could be in this vehicle. There is one in every crowd and they always find me. I love animals – They taste great! Id rather step in shit than smoke it. Unless you are a hemorrhoid – get off my ass! On the back of a caterers truck: Nobody beats our meat!

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