Cajun hunters

Justin Williams told this joke on his Cajun Cooking show:

Two Cajuns, Rober and Maurice, decided that hunting possums had gotten too dull, so they planned a trip to Canada to shoot moose. They flew in commercial planes all the way to Saskatoon, and from there, they hired a bush pilot to take them in a little plane into moose country.

The pilot put them down in a short little airstrip about 200 kms from nowhere.

Boys, he said, Ill be back here at noon in three days. You be right here, and remember that this plane is too small to carry more than the three of us and ONE moose. So, theres no need to hunting more than ONE moose, because you wont be able to take but one out of here.

Robert and Maurice nodded agreement, and off the plane went, leaving the two Cajuns in the wilderness, eager for their hunting expedition.

On the third day, the plane landed at 11:55 local time, and there beside the airstrip were Robert and Maurice, each sitting on a moose, grinning broadly.

OK, said the pilot, which moose are we going to take back?

Why, both of them, said Rober, we got to take these meese back to show that we are both as good as the other.

No, no, NO, said the pilot, I told you that the plane could bring back only ONE moose.

Whats the matter? asked Maurice, aint yo plane good enough to carry one little ol extra moose? We got two meese on a plane just like this one last year.

OK, agrees the pilot, aint nobody going to out-fly me around here. If you got two moose on that plane, you can get two moose on my plane.

So, they load up, take off, and the plane, as predicted, cant handle the extra load, and they CRASH.

The two Cajuns wake up in adjacent tree tops, and Rober asks, Where ARE we?

Maurice reponds, About 100 yards further that we were last year!

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