Caught cheating

A Jewish boy was sent to a Catholic school by his folks. Of course, he had no idea of who Jesus, Joseph, or Mary were, and on the first day of school, he got punished by the teacher for not knowing such basic things.

Hearing upon his story, his mother soothed him, and said, Dont worry, son. Ill sew the answers to those questions on your collar, and every time your teacher asks you a question, all you have to do is to peek at your collar.

And so she sewed the answers on her sons collar.

The following day, the teacher came up to him, and asked him, Who is the Holy Virgin?

The boy peeked at his collar and replied, Mary.

The teacher seemed a little bit surprised, but continued on. And who is her husband? After another peek at the collar, he replied, Joseph.

Why, very good son, the teacher commented.

And for the last one, said the teacher. Who is their son?

The boy peeked again at his collar and replied confidently, Arrow!

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