Chips and Dip

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A man had a terrible speech impediment and was having trouble finding a job. One day he went to an employer and applied.The employer was reluctant.But, I dont think youd be a good salesman with the way you talk, said the employer.Pweashe… give me a chanshe, the man begged.So the man was hired to sell toothbrushes. He tried and tried, but was unable to sell any toothbrushes.The man went to his boss, having done a terrible job. The boss wanted to fire the man, but the man insisted he be given another chance.I got sze besht idear, he told his boss.The next week, when the man reported to his boss, the man had sold 10,000 toothbrushes.Wow! his boss exclaimed. How did you do it?Well, it wash shimple, shee. I gone to the airport, shet up a table, and shet up shum chips and dips. The people would come, and tashte the chips and dips, and would say they tast like crap.Then I would shay, it IS crap, you wanna buy a toofbrush?

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