Choice of religion

This was told to me recently by a Unitarian divinity student, who said she
heard it from an Episcopalian divinity student, so it must be okay!

A Jew, a Catholic and an Episcopalian were standing at the gates of Hell.
Satan came out, and looked them over.

Why are you here? he asked the Jew. I ate pork, the Jew admitted.
Okay, come on in, replied Satan. Then he turned to the Catholic.

What are you doing here? Satan asked the Catholic. I ate meat on Friday
long before His Holiness said it was okay, the Catholic answered. Well,
then, come in, Satan said.

Then he looked at the Episcopalian. Why on earth are you down here?
Satan asked. The Episcopalian hung his head in shame as he answered:

I used the wrong fork.

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