Choose Hell

A man died and went to hell. There he was recived by the director angel of hell. The angel asked him Are you from the first, second, or third world?.

The man said I am from the free world.

The angel said Go to department number 1.

He went there were he saw another angel. The angel said Since this part of hell is for the free domacratic world you have the choice for the way you are going to be punished. I will take you around and you will choose what suits you.

He took him to the first room where people are being grilled on a charcoal. The man said Ooooh this is too much for me.

He took him to the second room where people are being fried in hot oil. He said No this is too oily for me cant you take me to somthing which suits me. The angel asked him Where do you come from.

I am British, said the man with a proud voice.

OK, go to room number 627 that is good for you, said the angel. There the man found people standing, with half of there bodies sunk in shit, and drinking tea.

That is not too bad, said the man. He joined them and started drinking the tea. Ten minutes later the angel guard of the room said with a firm voice: OK, tea time is over, every body upside down.

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