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Positive Thinking for Christmas

Lately there’s been a lot of negative images and about Christmas conjured up. Usually it’s from TV, movies, books, and the Internet. This makes for a sad, dreary Christmas, just the opposite, as what it should be. To cheer up the dreariness, caused by these negatives, the following list should be used. First is listed the negative idea or image. Then is the positive thinking needed to replace those negatives. So with positive thinking everyone will have a Joyous and Happy Christmas Season.

1. Negative

On TV and in movies Santa Claus shown as a drunk being hauled of to jail.


Think of how easy it is to get a bicycle, instead of your usual lump of coal, by mugging Santa.

2. Negative

How Santa might not get to your house before morning, because of a blizzard.


How fast the sled and reindeer can fly with a 60 mile per hour tail wind.

3. Negative

Elfs going on strike and there are no toys in the stores to be given to you as presents.


The money you save by rewrapping the presents you received last year and giving as presents this year.

4. Negative

You are getting no presents because Santa is too fat to fit down the chimney.


Think of how the reindeers feel after pulling a fat guy around the world in one night.

5. Negative

Thinking of what strange things an old man is doing in your living room in the middle of the night.


Tape Santas visit and sell the tape as a video to a cable company that features New Rock Bands.

6. Negative

Grandma getting run over by a reindeer.


More presents for me.

7. Negative

Not getting presents, because the reindeers are sick and can’t pull the sled.


More deermeat for Santa.

8. Negative

How it’s really hard for Santa to get down the chimney with the fire burning full blast.


How easy it is for Santa to get up the chimney.


Santa and his reindeers getting shot down by a missile when coming into Canada from the North Pole.


Presents for the caribou.

10. Negative

How lonely Mrs. Claus gets with Santa away all Christmas Eve.


The one night a year to party with the Elfs.

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