Collision Course

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There was an amazing accident involving a Rabbi and a Priest. The cars are completetly shaterred though the Rabbi and the Preist dont even bare a scratch on them The Preists looks at the rabbis kippa and says:

Oh Youre a Rabbi

Then the Rabbi looks at the Preists collar and says:

Oh Youre a Priest

Yes Amswered the Priest

Well look at this both of our cars are shattered to bits, but none of us bare a scratch this must be a sign of G-D that we should be friends

Yes this is a sign exclaimed the Priest

The Rabbi notices in his car that a wine bottle with a Mogen David on it isnt broken

Look The rabbi points to the bottle, he continues My wine bottle isnt shattered this must be a sign from G-D that we should drink this to commemerate that we are friends

Yes this must be a sign says the priest who takes the bottle from the Rabbis car and starts to drink until he is half-way done with the bottle then hands it to the rabbi, where the Rabbi takes it and closes the bottle.

Arent you going to have a sip Rabbi

Nahh….. I think Ill wait for the police

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