Communists in England

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During his recent visit to the UK Mikhail Gorbachev was taken on a tour of
a typical British factory by the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher.

The tour started at 9:00 am and the factory was just starting to fill with

GORBY: What these people do?

MAGGIE: Oh, they are just starting work!

GORBY: AAAARRggghhh! In Russia, start at 5:00 am

So, they walk around for a while, viewing some machinery and at 10:30 a hooter
sounds and the factory workers leave.

G: Where they go?

M: Oh, it is morning tea time. They have a break for 20 minutes.

G: AAAArrrggghhhh! In Russia, no morning tea.

At 12:00 noon the two VIPs are viewing plans for a new factory and a hooter
sounds and the factory workers leave, again.

G: Where they go now?

M: Oh, it is lunch time. They take a break for an hour.

G: AAAArrrggghhhh! One hour. In Russia, is ten minutes lunch.

At precisely 2:15 pm a hooter sounds, and again the workers leave the factory.

G: AAAArrrggghhhh! Another break, nyet?

M: Yes, another break. They get 20 minutes afternoon smoke!

At 4:30 pm another hooter sounds and the factory grinds to a halt.

G: AAAArrrggghhhh! Another break?

M: No, theyve finished for the day.

G: In Russia start at 5:00 am, no breaks, ten minutes lunch, no breaks,
work till 7:00 pm at night. Right through, no breaks. Why you not make
them work harder?

M: Oh, we cant do that!

G: Why you cant make them work harder?

M: Because theyre all communists.

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