Country Boy in a Gay

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A country boy ends up in the big city. He is walking around in awe of everything. He decides to quench his thirst and enters a bar. After a couple of beer, his beer rental is up and off he goes to the can. He walks into the can and is shocked at what he sees. And leaves quickly!

The barkeep lisps, Whats wrong?

The country boy replies, You wouldnt believe what is going on in there.


The country boy is shaking his head, Well there is a guy standing at the urinal being corn-holed by a guy behind him. And that guy is getting his fudge packed by a guy behind HIM.

The bartender leans in closer, gets all serious and lisps out his next question.

The guy in the middle wouldnt have been wearing a yellow T-shirt would he?

I think he was. Why?

Hes lucky at cards too!

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