Crazy doctor

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A new father goes into the delivery room to see his newborn baby boy. The doctor pulls him aside and says I have the most amazing news. Your boy can fly. The doctor sees the doubt in the fathers eyes so he offers a demonstration. He picks up the little boy, holds him high in the air and then lets go. The baby falls to the floor with a loud thump.
You son of a bitch says the new father, ready to kill the doctor. Wait, something must be wrong. He flew this morning. Let me try again. He flings the boy across the room and he slams against the wall and slides down to the floor.
Oh my god, I am going to kill you says the father as he is running towards the baffeled doctor. No no wait, I know what I did wrong. I promise it will work this time. He opens the window and tosses the kid out. The kid of course falls 7 stories and leaves a mess on the sidewalk below. By this time the father is choking the doctor. With his last breath the doctor says I was just messing with you. Your son was born dead.

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