Custers Last Thought

The curator of a Western art museum commissioned a local artist to paint a
mural-sized painting of Custers last thought. The artist was told to make it
highly symbolic of Custers mindset during the debacle at Little Big Horn.

Deep in thought, the artist went to her studio. After many false starts, she
proceeded to paint an enormous oil painting. Finally, after many months of work,
the painting was unveiled for the curator. In the foreground, was a beautiful
crystalline blue lake with a single fish leaping. Around the fishs head was a
halo. In the background, the hills and meadows were covered with naked Native
American couples copulating.

The curator was both disgusted and baffled by what he saw. In a rage he turned
to the artist and asked, What the hell has this got to do with Custers last

The artist replied, Custers last thought had to have been: Holy Mackerel!
Where did all these fucking Indians come from?

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