Defect Genie

A bloke goes into a bar carrying a small box. He asks the bartender If I show you the neatest thing youve ever seen will you give me a free beer?

The bartender says, Sure, but Ive got to warn you Ive seen a LOT of things in my time.

Yeah, but youve never seen anything like this! says the man opening the box to reveal a tiny little person playing a piano, jamming away, He plays Bach, Stravinsky, He plays John Cage, he plays it all,

The bartender is mightily impressed.

That IS the neatest thing Ive ever seen. Where did you get him?

Well I was walking on the beach, found this brass lamp and rubbed it, and a genie came out and granted me a wish,

Do you think I could have a wish too? the barman asks.

Sure, says the man, producing the lamp from his coat pocket. The bartender gives it a rub, and then the genie pops out, so the bartender says I wish for a million bucks! POOF! The bar is full of duks. They are flying around, crapping on everuthing, theyre everywhere. The bartender screams at the man, Why didnt you tell me your Genie was DEFECTIVE!!!?

Yep, hard of hearing. I didnt ask for a 12-Inch Pianist, either.

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